The Media in Question

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple”

Think about the time you spend with the media, consider how you feel as you use it and reflect upon the things you are told directly or visually.

The media is a fantastic source of information and a great way to stay connected. But how does the media affect its audience. Some believe that playing a violent video game or watching a violent television show is more likely to evoke a violent response in the subjects, specifically children, I personally believe we should look to the individual. There capabilities and backgrounds and determine their behaviour that way.

The ‘media effects model’ tells us that children are inadequate, they are inadequate to make accurate and realistic judgements? Does this extend to the adolescent population?  (

While doing research for this particular blog post I came across a video. This video inspired me to consider the effects the media has directly upon adolescent females and males. The video tells us that 3 out of 4 girls reading a ‘glamour’ magazine within three minutes will feel depressed about the size of the model, the clothes the model is wearing and their beauty. Of course this may very well extend to the male population but as a female I have no firsthand experience of this.  It struck me that the time spent using forms of media, including social media has a direct impact on a person’s well being; in fact 31% of girls starve themselves in order to be skinnier.

However it is rare that a magazine glamour shot has not been doctored, “While the vast majority of images of women are being digitally altered, so are our perceptions of normal, healthy, beautiful and attainable.

Although some forms of media recognise the effects photo shopped images have on their readers and now dedicate sections of their magazine to real people with untouched images.

I feel it is important for people to remember the media portrays a representation that can rarely be translated into reality.

What I am trying to say is that beyond what the media conveys, there is a whole other playing field. Do you question what you are told or do you in blind faith listen intently to the news or read your magazines or news paper in order to get a fix on what’s happening in the world.

Do you take this all at face value or do you look beyond what you has been dictated to you?


It all began with a post on the wall…


“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

― Dr. Seuss

As a child there was nothing I enjoyed more than pestering my mother into reading just one more book. These books nearly always consisted of a Dr Seuss story, my favourites being “Are you my mother?” (written by P.D Eastman a protege of Dr Seuss) “Wacky Wednesday” and “One fish two fish red fish blue fish”.

The point in telling you all this is, while I love to read and Dr Seuss has a lot to do with that, I have also found that such a significant part of my childhood has become an inspirational guide. Whether I need a laugh or a serious dose of courage I can always find what I need in his words. So this morning I opened my laptop, Googled some quotes and began writing.

This is my very first blog and I am not ashamed to say the idea of writing this has been quite daunting. That is until now… I have realised that while this is a very new experience it can only be positive. What other way can you show the world… or you small amount of readers (who may or may not be required to read) exactly what is going on inside your mind. A blog is the perfect way to publish your inner monologue without being the crazy lady rambling in the street to all that pass her by.

With that being said I suppose ill introduce myself now; my name is Kirsty-Ann, but you may call me Kirsty. I am in my first year of University, studying a Bachelor of communications and media studies and a Bachelor of international studies. I come from down the coast, a beautiful area called Jervis Bay, I have recently moved to a place in West Wollongong- a shared house with three roommates, all very different from myself- another learning experience. I recently turned 18, my favourite colour is green, my hair is brown, I have freckles on my eyes, I am learning French, I love a good chat (as I am sure you have discovered), love to read, laugh and eat. I’m sure there is much more to me than a few superficial details but if you continue to read in the coming weeks I assure you, you will know me well.

As for my disclosure for this week, so far I love the University of Wollongong; I have met some great new people, the atmospheres great and let’s not forget the learning experiences.

This blog will be used as my way of expression, sometimes I will talk seriously about current and important topics that I feel passionately about and sometimes I will talk about myself and the happenings around me. So stay tuned!