God bless americanization


I have returned to the bloggers sphere! After a hard earned break from the clicking of keypads and pens against desks, I have resumed my second semester of university. Naturally in the communications and media degree being back at UNI obviously means I am back to the blog. However while I am emulating the blog I established in BCM110, I am now reporting on issues at a global scale. This week I will be discussing globalisation in particular reference to cultural imperialism.

For those of you who have not sat through lecture after lecture on globalisation, it can be defined as a global movement towards the integration of economy, trade and communication.

Globalisation provides an interconnected world in which the difficulty has been removed from activities such as trade, communication and interdependence. Through which countries are able to adopt a more westernised culture.

Cultural imperialism is the extension of cultural values and ideas; this is more so spread through the media as opposed to economic trading. Cultural imperialism generally favours the more dominating culture, out weighing the ‘less desirable’ culture.

We can accurately explore cultural imperialism through the concept of Americanization. The nature of Americanization is to make American culture accessible anywhere. This is presented in the micro and macro world and evident in television shows, clothing and accessories, the media, politics etc.

For example:

 Television and movies:

Many of us favour American television shows and American channels on T.V; this extends to shows such as the Big Bang Theory, Under the Dome and Arrow (etc.) but not only does the value of Americanization release popular television shows, some of which airing in over 70 countries- America also produces many of our favourite T.V channels including MTV and FOX.

But Americanization is not limited to Television, many of our greatest blockbusters spring from Hollywood. Through these channels Americanization is strengthened by the mass numbers they are able to reach- thus making the media an incredible tool in its expansion.

Americanization is also portrayed in clothing and accessories, our media and politics (etc.)

Furthermore while globalisation connects the world, Americanization and similarly Westernization promote ‘the correct’ culture. At this rate quirky, rare and yet beautifully fascinating cultures will become extinct at the hands of the western world. I just don’t know if that’s a world I want to live in…

Until next week ladies and gentleman goodnight.


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