The finale: my reflection


“If you never did you should. These things are fun

 and fun is good.” 

– Dr Seuss

6 weeks ago my BCM110 classmates and I were told that we were to initiate a blog; beginning with an introduction to ourselves, followed by a post a week that corresponds with what we have discussed in our lectures and tutorials. Some of my peers had experience in blogging, while I did not.

The experience can only be described as positive, liberating almost. To write about topics I am passionate about and examine aspects of that topic I may not have previously considered was a growing experience for me. Like many other bloggers the greatest thing I am taking away from this experience is the ability to express my opinion and feel that it is important because it is being read; through reading other people’s blogs I have seen such a difference in what we all have to say on the same topic. This has forced me to step out of my comfort zone in some instances and in others reflect upon something I hadn’t considered.

As just one person in a large lecture hall it was great to hear the voices of individuals and know that some were hearing mine.

Blogging has taught me to never take anything for face value, to examine it and investigate further, to ask questions and find answers. Perhaps the greatest thing I have learnt is that the use of semiotics is something I will never be able to escape from.

This week Dr Carr discussed surveillance, in brief: the use of surveillance is deemed important to our society. ‘If something goes wrong those CCTV cameras will catch it’- is this the case? Maybe you guys: my lovely readers could use my voice to research this. Is it invasion of privacy? Who then owns or controls the images? Are they a help to society?

And with that I will leave you.

Thanks guys♥



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