“Power is addictative”



Rupert Murdoch is chairman and CEO of News Corporations; he has published the Australian, the Wall Street journal and founded twentieth-Century Fox Film, Murdoch is a mass media mogul and according to Forbes has a net worth of 11.2 billion dollars, he is the 91st richest person in the world 33rd in America and 26th most powerful person in the world.  

Rupert Murdoch owns many media platforms including magazines, newspapers, news channels, television shows and movie networks. So when it comes to getting his opinion across Murdoch has no worries. The idea of media ownership is important to explore and at this point you should ask yourself ‘who owns my media?’


Why is this important I hear, well I’m glad you asked.

Daily we are exposed to the media, whether it is as we read the morning newspaper, watch the television or listen to the radio we are all subject to the broadcasting of society’s media moguls. With greater ownership comes greater power; the more you own the more pull on society’s thoughts and opinions you have and with the ease in consuming media, here lies our problem.

The diagram below is to give you a greater idea of how much control Ruport Murdochs company News Corp. has:


Media moguls may be considered some of the greatest influences in our lives; this is because the things we are shown, told or read about are in their hands. People like Rupert Murdoch are able to contort information in order to shape our experiences simply with the context of their broadcasting.  For example it is not at all hard to pick up a newspaper and see the blatant bias expressed in an article- how many of you question the point of view being fed to you.

Questioning who owns your media is essential in understanding where the information you consume is originating and recognising just how much control these people have over you.


One thought on ““Power is addictative”

  1. The inclusion of the diagram is great. I like how it showcases the diversity of what he controls. Also, I love the thought you put forward that the more you own in the media, the more influence you have over people’s opinion.

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